08 August, 2010

Today I heart...

......New York City baby!!

It's official, my dream of one day visiting NYC and America itself will soon be a reality. My mum and I are flying over on December 1st for 5 nights! When I was younger I used to read the Sweet Valley High & The Babysitter Club books and I'd wish my dad would get a job in America so we could all move over and I could go to High School! When I met my boyfriend Robert, I then discovered that he got to live this little dream of mine! When he was four his whole family upped sticks and moved to America for four years. I was green with jealousy!

Most people my age have been to the states already, but somehow I ended up discovering Asia, Africa and Europe instead! Obvioulsy I'll be a typical tourist and see all the usual sights but secretly I cannot wait to hit all the Art Galleries, Museums and craft stores! I'll be in my element!

Just so you know...114 days to NYC!! Eeeek!


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