16 August, 2010

Yesterday I heart-ed..


The forecast said 20 degrees plus for Sunday, August 15th and so it began. "We have to get up early" Robert said, "We have to beat the crowds!" Robert said......"Come on, Come on!!!!" Robert said...again! For those of you who don't live in Ireland, the phenomenon of sun, (yes it is a phenomenon!) is an event in itself. A rare event that we greet with open and sun lotion-ed sticky arms! We grab the best beach towels we have from the hot press, root through our winter clothing for those linen trousers you bought just incase we got "a bitta sun!", throw together the bare bones of a picnic (flask of tay and a few hang sandwiches (tea and ham sandwiches)) and off we go...to the beach, praying to the high sun gods that no else has thought of going there today........except everyone has had the same idea as you and before you know it, you're scrambling for a car space, driving round and round the car park looking for someone, anyone to pull out and get a much sought after space!

Then you have to get the perfect beach space, somewhere with a bit of shade....yes shade! We wait months and months on end for the sun only to leg it to the beach and get some shade! We are a funny bunch! However there are legitimate reasons for said piece of shade! We don't tan.....at all, or at least I don't! Instead we turn a tomato shed or red, experience some agony for a few days which can only be relived by after sun chilled in the freezer and then we return to our natural colour of white.....milky white.

Needless to say, I can't wait for our next day of sun!

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