27 July, 2010

De-Stash Giveaway Winner!!!!

Hey Everyone!

Thank you sooo much to everyone who entered the LuckyRainbowDesign de-stash blog giveaway! I was crazy pleased with the 18 entries and my new 18 followers! I decided the best way to draw a winner would be to make a little video on my snazzy phone!! I really hope this works! My technology skills are seriously lacking since I left Art College.

I really loved making this mini video, so much so I may invest in a video camera and make more!! Excuse my over blinking.....don't ask me why I did that!! AND I hope I'm not speaking too fast!!! (My mother always complains that I do!) Alos, have a wee laugh at the end where I struggle for a few seconds to turn off the camera!! Ha ha, Watch out Stephen Spielberg!

*Congrats* to the winner, I'll let you all watch the video to find out who the lucky person is! :)


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