16 July, 2010

Etsy shop update!

So I've set myself a little challenge!

I have the next four days off work (and I've just had the last two off) so I'm setting myself the challenge of listing at least 20 items in my etsy shop! I recently noticed that I had HEAPS of Thank You cards and considering that someone, somewhere celebrates their birthday everyday I thought I better get cracking on some more titles and hey presto, here is a sneaky peek of what is to come!

It was such a joy to create these little gems! The hours just flew by in my ickle studio! I really like to have a 3D effect to my cards so I started to experiment a little more with paper. Some pieces of paper were turned into leaves others were twisted and folded! It all adds to the handmade effect in my opinion!

On a separate note some of the Etsy Ireland team are meeting in Limerick tomorrow! Infact we're having a getaway and everyone is staying over night! I'm looking forward to showing everyone round our great city with Ruth from NiceDay Designs! Limerick gets such a bad and unfair reputation from the media I always love showing off its best bits when friends arrive!

Once our day (and night) of fun fun fun is over and done with, I'll update you all with some craft goss and photos!

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