19 July, 2010

Male Birthday Cards....

....... are usually a card crafters nightmare! (or so it says on many a blog I've read!) The difficultly lies in that you can't use all your girly, colourful patterns that you've gathered up. Nor can you punch out some funky glittery butterflies and top them off with gems and pearls etc!

Instead you're limited to muted colours and usually pictures of golfers or grown men on sail boats!....All together now...YAWN!.....So I've decided to try and focus a bit more on the male population and try to improve my cards for them!

I recently made this little card and experimented with the paper by folding and cutting it, generally creating a 3D effect like I do with most of my cards. I added some twine and plain cream ribbon and hey presto! I'd be happy to pass this on to a male friend, would you?

Ideas / opinions on a blogger comment please! :)

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