11 July, 2010

A sad day for the wee county!

.....now before I start, I won't pretend that I am or always have been a huge GAA fan. I'm not. Never have been. I once had a boyfriend who made me sit through four GAA football and hurling matches back to back and it was then I thought "this will never work out" and it didn't!.....however, today I flicked back and forth between one channel and the other catching quick glimpses of the Leinster football final. My wee county of Louth where I orginally hail from was playing Meath, their first final since 1957 (I think!......told you I didn't know much!).....they were leading by one teeny tiny point in quite literally the final seconds of extra time when all hell broke loose and Meath scored a goal.....not by the traditional methods of scoring but by literally throwing it into the net. Depsite two linesmen standing at each side of the goal posts, the goal stood and so the wee county were not to be champions of Leinster!.......I felt so sorry for them and all those genuine supporters who made the journey up to Crokers to support them!.......anyone for a replay?

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