24 April, 2011

Dalai Lama visit to Limerick

Last week, his holiness the Dalai Lama paid a visit to the University of Limerick to give a talk on forgiveness. When the tickets went on sale, my internet was down and I heard that queues were out the door of the UL Concert Hall and seeing as I'm not the queuing type, I said to myself " I wasn't meant to get a ticket and left it at that!"

However on the morning of the event, I got a text from the boss to say that a ticket was left behind the counter of the UL arena for me (where the talk was taking place) and to get my backside up there pronto! Working in UL certainly has its benefits sometimes!

Prior to him arriving, there was alot of entertainment from students of the Irish World Academy in UL as well as some famous singers / dancers and the monks from Glenstal Abbey. What stood out for me, where the students from the MA in Ritual Chanting programme (Who knew such a course existed??). They were simply amazing and so.....well, in tune!!!

When the Dalai arrived, there were rounds of cheers and appaluse from over 3,000 people, many of whom travelled from all over the world to hear and see him and many of whom had previously experienced alot of trouble in their life.

He was such a warm character, down to earth and very funny. He spoke about how we (humans) are all the same, and that our focus on race, religion or skin colour is only secondary to who and what we are. He also spoke about how you should not be only focused on one religion, as doing so does not open you up to the wonders of other religions. As someone who is not particularly reglious but does have an interest in other cultures etc, this especially rang true for me.Overall, I really enjoyed the event, it was amazing to see such a famous leader in our University!

For those of you who missed the live web stream of the event, you can catch it here! you can catch some amazing shots of the campus in which I work and live in and also hear and see some of the pre-entertainment performances! You'll also capture a few tear jerker moments which really moved me and the audience!


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