18 April, 2011

50 ways to beat stress!

Right now I have a pretty hectic life, many of you know that I have a busy full time job (for which in these current times I am very grateful for!), I'm studying part time for a Masters (one year down, one to go!), my lovely other half returned to full time study two years ago (two years nearly done, with another two to go!) and of course there's LuckyRainbowDesigns which in recent months has been put (a little) to one side in favour of MA presentations, reading, work, work, work and general mayhem while trying to get a grip on my life and getting it to run like clock work! (well I can dream can't I?)

As result of all of the above, I usually find solace and relaxation in other peoples, work, art, blogs and usually now and again, I find something that inspires me or makes me smile...or, even better changes my way of thinking!

While blog hopping, I came accross this article and some of it (most of it actually!) made alot of sense to me, so much so that I printed it off and popped a copy of it in my work office and my LuckyRainbow / MA study room!

Maybe it will be of use to you too! :)

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