23 December, 2012

31 things before 31 - An update

You see that list waaaay over there on the right, well I thought i'd give you guys an update before 2012 draws to a close. Also, birthday numero 31 is a mere 6 months away. Scary....I think its more scary than 30!

- Taste frogs legs
- Run a half marathon (I havn't ran it...yet, but I've just signed up for one, it takes place 2 weeks before I hit 31!)
- Learn Calligraphy (I had a set in my hands the other day, and then....I didn't buy it! WHY!)
- Complete a SLR photography course (Enquires made people!)
- Make a pinhole camera
- Climb a mountain
- Learn to drive
- Buy a car
- Save a large sum of money (This commences in January, just call me grown up!)
- Graduate from my MA! (tick!)
- Have a solo exhibition
- Get a manicure
- Get some dance lessons
- Try an early morning swim
- Bikram yoga - give it a go!
- Bake an awesome chocolate cake
- Have afternoon tea
- Volunteer at a charity shop
- Revamp my website & Etsy shop (A big 2013 goal....BIG!)
- 7 day detox anyone?
- Take a solo weekend trip
- Enroll in a Spanish for beginners course
- Volunteer in an art gallery (Not so much an art gallery, but Limerick Craft & Design!)
- Wear wellies because its raining not because I'm at a festival
- Go to Glastonbury! (Tickets sold out and I missed out! Boo!)
- Have a picnic
- Set up a LuckyRainbow newsletter
- Learn code...for web design don't ya know!
- Ride a motorcycle
- Visit the zoo
- Wear more red lipstick (Of all the news things, I have embraced this one, I'm wearing every shade available!)

.....and breathe, there's alot to cram in over the next 6 months!

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