13 December, 2012

Getting my 2013 calender groove on!

I sure do love me a calender or 10! Along with collecting and hoarding notebooks of all shapes and sizes, I do the same with calenders, often purchasing them and forgetting I have them, but if anything I think they're pretty items to own and often I find myself saving the graphics to use a cute posters for around the house. Here I've completed an Etsy calender round up of my favourites to date. One in particular, I love, will use and will be buying...lets say its very me!

// 1

Finally, this last little beauty (numero 13) is my cup of tea people! Simple, effective and a variety of markers are welcome. (As if I needed any excuse to buy anymore stationary). It's one of those no frills, means business calenders. If you want to schedule getting some work done, this is the one for you and has it happens, me too! I had better get ordering.


  1. Difficult question to answer, they're all gorge! Love the cute lanterns in no1, sweet photos on no4, am digging the illustrations on no6, but there's something about that no13 - its not at all an unlucky 13!

  2. No 5! No 5! So cool!
    I just made up my mind to make a free printable calendar for 2013 and I will share it each month in the next year.

  3. Ohhh they all have equal levels of fabulous-ness!!! Meeha, what a great idea! I look forward to seeing them!


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