12 December, 2012

Crafting makes me happy!

The absence of late has been down to the above - I've been happily crafting (and still working the day job) so that I can steadily supply the Limerick Craft & Design shop in town, which by the way is going wonderful! Not only do I enjoy working there...(I use the term 'working' very lightly), I enjoy spending time there, chatting to the lovely customers who are happy to see a new shop open which supports the local, arranging displays, ensuring everyones items are looking their best...who knew dusting could be so fun and of course selling and knowing that 100% of the sale goes to the artist / designer who created it in the first instance. That my friends, is an oh so warm and fuzzy feeling.
I particulary love when I sell an item that I know someone has worked hard on, or when an item(s) sells which belongs to an artist who works at their chosen disicpline / craft as a full time occupation. For me, this further cements their position as an artist, their work is valued, appreciated and will be admired by others in the future. I like the idea that someone has purchased my items with someone special in mind, a friend, a family member or a loved one. It's even nicer when I explain how the shop and the concept of a co-operative works. This intrigues customers even more, their eyes light up at the thought that people are working voluntarily in order to open, run and close the shop. It is also a very much, welcomed idea. Welcomed by the fact, that people are happy to see (and support) those trying to do something for the good of the city, community and for themselves.
With all sales, you can see people taking the time to select something special that only they will know will be appreciated by those receiving it or indeed, by themselves. The high standard and variety of stock in the shop attracts a range of customers. Young children are attracted to the funky jewellery made by Nice Day Designs, those with an eye for detail, drool over the handmade clocks made by Betty Octopus and those with a keen eye for fashion spend an age trying on the handmade colourful knits by Aine. Its interesting to watch how people shop in this creative space and also nice to see how amazed they are at the talent on display. I love turning up for my shift on a Saturday and seeing new stock in the shop and you can imagine, I've already bought at least five items in my head. Some of which will be sitting under the Christmas tree this year for others to enjoy in 2013.
I have nothing but good vibes for this shop. After the hard work, hours of time and negotiations and delibrations put in by the founding committee members, it deserves to be nothing short of a success and a new vibrant space where snippets of completed creativity can flourish, be displayed, enjoyed and of course, sold!
If you find yourself in Limerick, this Saturday, December 15th (and sure why wouldn't ya, Limerick is only fabulous!) - pop on down to Sarsfield Street for the Christmas Fair. There will be mulled cider and minced pies!! Who can say no to that!
Some snippets below: (taken on my iPhone)


  1. I absolutely love your handmade cards!
    That Christmas fair sounds lovely. I'm going to be visiting my local Christmas market tomorrow evening! I'm looking forward to lots of glitter, chestnuts and Christmas lights!

    Emma x

  2. Hi Emma,

    This sounds like the perfect Christmas fair! I too, am looking forward to the weekend so I can enjoy all of the above! Hope you have a great time!x

  3. I love this concept, I only wish my town had something similar ....

  4. Eskimo*rose - maybe you could be the person to start it... :)


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