21 November, 2012

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A little post about this little guy who was found wandering around my workplace last Thursday evening. We have affectionately named him Steve after a member of staff and he has been staying with me three nights now.

He is friendly, really friendly actually, likes getting his belly rubbed, sleeps through the night and is pretty much house trained. He's nothing but happy to see me when I arrive home from work and himself and the boy have become firm friends.

However as much as we would love to take him in to our home, he demands alot of attention and would benefit more from living in a family home with a big grassy back garden to run around in. I currently have lots of posters around the neighbourhood and he'll be appearing in the local paper this week in an effort to source his original owners.

We do suspect that he may have been dumped though which makes me sad. He's not a bad dog, he's a great dog and when we do find him a home, it will be only the best for this little fella!

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