18 January, 2013

On direction and Where to go?

So, erm....I've been having this internal dialogue and conversation with myself for months now and its mainly centered around the direction of this very blog, the teeny tiny space of internet it inhabits and the direction, it can or should go. (FYI, I seem to have the best conversations with myself in the shower and only today we were having a conversation in work about the 'chats we have with ourselves'. I was glad, relieved to know I wasn't the only one out there chatting to myself.....I mean, literally chatting to myself.)

My conversation has been going something along the lines of the following;

"I wana do more with the blog, lots more. I'm interested in soooo much stuff outside of crafts, why can't I share it all? I want to write about more serious things and less serious things so how does this all fit in with everything LuckyRainbow-ish?...and besides I did this personality test-thingy and apparently my top job should be a journalist!" (I laughed when I got those results, because it never entered my mind as a young whipper-snapper to even consider journalism as a career or college choice and grammar and I have been known not to get along.)

"Will I push readers away? Will I bring more readers to the blog? Will anyone notice? Does anyone actually care?, Why am I asking so many questions?"

So then it dawned on me to perhaps slightly change the direction of the blog from one solely centered on crafty, paper related items to one that is primarily "craft / look at what I made!" focused with snippets of lifestyle posts which may intrigue and appeal to current as well as new readers. 

As I said above, there are lots more items, ideas and thoughts I'd love to share, investigate and write about, so why not use this platform to do so or at the very least try it out! To be honest, some of my most favourite blogs are those which are lifestyle centered and which offer more than just one topic or area of interest. 

I'll give you an example. Behind the LuckyRainbow scenes, I'm a lotions and potions nut with an eye for a decent beauty regime and if someone discovered a way in which to reduce to crows feet....well I'd be all over that and I'd make sure you were all too! At this moment I'm trying out a new face mask, and you guys..its the business! I want you to all know about it, provide some links to where you can get your little mits on it and perhaps share a goofy pic of me trying it out. Now, wouldn't we all love to see that image and read that post. 

So, be prepared for some new LuckyRainbow lifestyle type posts and hopefully....hopefully they'll be right up your street.


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