21 January, 2013

How are those goals and resolutions going...eh??

We're 21 days into 2013 and the horrible, horrible, blue and cold month of January and I'm wondering....how are those goals and resolutions going...eh?

I'll be a little smug and say I've hit one mini goal in that I reopened my Etsy shop on January 20th, juuuuust like I said I would...but there's only a small amount of stock listed so it's no biggie really, but hey! it counts! Other crafty goals are well underway, but as for those personal goals...hmm, that's another story peeps.

I signed up for a half marathon in May. Yup, you read right. 13 miles or 20k depending on what part of the world you're reading this from. I was a good chica and downloaded a 14 week plan, 16 weeks before the big day and got going. All was going well until last weekend when I attempted to up my distance and er....well nearly died from trying. It's not that I can't physically breath anymore and pump those lungs of mine...its that I can bloody lift my legs anymore. They get heavy, I get mad and in the end, we both give up. It's a viscous exercise circle and one that becomes even more soul destroying when a Giselle of a woman glides past you in a "Oh look at me, I'm a great runner and look...look how fast I can go!" kinda way. If you're anything like me, you look up at her and whisper "skinny b**ch" under your breath and then gleefully wonder, "Ahhh, but is she happy?"

So, yes that half marathon goal is starting to get the better of me. I'm not quitting though, I'm just gona start the plan again and work harder at it. On the days when I have to work on my 'core, I'll work on my 'core'. And on the days I should be pounding some weird machine in a gym that I can't work, well then I'll....pound some weird machine on the gym that I can't work. Easy - peasy, lemon squeezy right?

The info graphic below (I love a nice info graphic!) on goals and resolutions struck a chord with me, especially that part about writing your goal down. (Oh and the fact the numero uno resolution is to lose weight.) Think I'll do that, write it down, stick it everywhere....on the fridge, the bathroom mirror, in the craft room....Hey, I might even make a wee badge for myself and if it works, I'll grace that half marathon finish line like a champ! Here's to trying and to May 5th. Go me!

Setting Goals Infographic


  1. Good for you re-opening the shop, yay! Now looking at this very explanatory chat, I'm gonna write down my goal for this year :)

  2. The end part of that infographic is really quite amazing. I think it really says a lot about the type of person who writes down goals(rather than the implication that the act of writing them down makes you more successful). It's like that test that they do with children to see if left alone with one cake for 15mins, if they don't eat it then they get another one, and if they do eat it they get nothing. The children who could delay and get more cake were interviewed when they were older, and were found to be much more successful in all aspects of their life. I think seeing the end goal, and sticking to it are characteristics that are inherently stronger in some people. But there is a lot to be said for working on your own strengths, over the years I have moulded myself into a more organised person, it is possible to change a little bit at a time.

    Fair play to you for reopening the shop, the stock is really beautiful! Also about the running, stick with it, I was just chatting to my friend about it today and she said it's tough at the start but totally worth it in the end, you will be so proud of yourself at the finish line, I know you can do it!

  3. Wow.. as an obsessive goal and list maker that infograph surprises me! It's so low.

    Judging by your updates you're kicking ass at the training right now and doing better than most people would. I, for one, am really impressed :)


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