25 January, 2013

Etsy Friday Favourites

In my real world job, today is payday! So after a long and nearly over dreary, grey January, I feel like treating myself to a few beautiful things, just 'cas I can! All of these pretty things have my heart a flutter at the moment.

We got our little bungalow painted at Christmas and now I want to fill it with all things turquoise inspired. I think it may just be the perfect colour.

But how about this beautiful and simply painted piece..how about it indeed? It would be stunning in a kitchen or a nicely lit hallway.

Would it be very wrong of me to purchase this, strip it down and repaint it some cool colour, say turquoise or green...or yellow...or all of those colours? I keep looking at all the furniture in my house (none of which I personally own by the way!) and thinking up ways, I could 'improve' it.

All of the above and more from GaloreGalore. Theres a nook or cranny somewhere in my house that can give all of the above a loving home.
Ladies and gents, how freaking amazing is this, and guess what? It apparently works too. It costs a small fortune, but I think shes a beauty and if I had the bucks, I'd seriously consider buying it.
And finally, this stunning case. I think I remember these or something similar being in my grandparents house. If only I knew where they were now!
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I agree with the stuff from GaloreGalore... all of it was gorgeous!

    You seriously should pop over here for some thrift shopping, there's lots and lots of those retro dressers in the British Heart Fondation charity furniture stores. They're everywhere for about 30 pounds! (However, that one is particularly lovely).

    1. I think I do Aoife! I was only having the conversation today with some american students about how amazing their thrift stores are!

  2. Hey! Thank you so much for visiting and commenting on my blog. Glad to have found Lucky Rainbow Designs - love these choices for your home, and I'm a big Wes Anderson fan; that print is great!

    1. Hi Kirsty, no problem - Glad to discover you too! I'm enjoying reading through your past posts.

  3. Definitely coveting that retro dresser! So perfect!!
    xo TJ

  4. oh wow, that television is amazing! what a great collection.

  5. I love this vintage things!!! And your blog is fantastic!!!


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