12 June, 2011

LSAD Degree Show 2011

Yesterday saw me pop along and drag along the boy to the opening day of the LSAD Degree Show. It had been years since I had been to the show as I was usually always working or unable to attend. Overall it was and is a very strong show, some of the final work was stunning and I was tempted to buy a few pieces....problem was, the pieces I wanted were already sold such was the demand!

I took some images and apologies in advance, I did not take pen and paper with me, so I'm unsure of the artists! BUT all credit to them, the work was amazing! Also the standard of professionalism in presentation had seriously improved by all students / departments.

LSAD is part of LIT (Limerick Institute of Technology) and over the years and if you're on a night out and find yourself munching through a burger in Supermacs at 3am, you're bound to bump into an LIT or UL student...and so the conversation goes..."What do you study?"...and you say "I'm in art college!"....and then some smart ass LIT / UL student says "Oh is that where you learn to colour inside the lines!".....This, I'm sure has been going on for donkeys years......My boyfriend commented yesterday (for the record he's a current LIT student and UL graduate) that "each years loads of students will write their FYP in UL / LIT (Final Year Projects or thesis) and it can be a load of sh**e, but all the work on display here today was really good, you could see the amount of work and thinking gone into it". Finally, what I had been trying to tell him for years had sunk in! We can do more than colour inside the lines.....alot more!

If you're in town, stop by it's open until Friday at 1pm - I particularly loved fashion and ceramics, but in all honestly there was a wealth of talent on display across all disciplines. You'll won't be disappointed.


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