08 June, 2014

What's on my face?? - My Everyday Makeup Routine

The one way I discover new make up products is by buying items shared by bloggers, reviewed by bloggers and essentially recommended by bloggers. I don't know what I did before bloggers recommended beauty items. Oh wait, I do, I bought the same items all the freaking time and never strayed too far from that. I also often think that the make up I use is not the fanciest or the most expensive and I tend to combine a mix of high street basics with the odd fancy item from somewhere like Clinque or Benefit. 

Inspired by one of my sweet favourite bloggers Claire Ann, I decided to create a 'What's on my face??' blog post as I really enjoyed the same post she recently shared. It's probably because I'm inquisitive, I like knowing what make up people are buying and using and I often get a little kick if someone uses the same products as me. Its kinda life affirming, making me feel like I have excellent makeup purchasing skills because someone has similar taste to me.

So get ready, I'm about to share my bare face with you all. A personal blogging first, but in order for you to get the full 'this is what these products do' experience, I think it's necessary and hey, if all the big and famous beauty bloggers can do it and not scare everyone away, then why not little ole me! Please note, I cleansed, toned and moisturized my skin prior to using any of these products. Probably the most important step in my routine every day.

First up, foundation. A pale girls skin nightmare. Foundation is my absolute bug barer. For me, it has to be the right shade, provide excellent coverage, flow across my skin, blend well, not aggravate my sensitive skin and last the day. Many a beauty blogger has raved and raved about some recent Bourjois and Maybelline foundations and I've tried them all. For my skin, they are terrible and so far off my skin tone, I looked like I had been tangoed. Oompa-Lompa eat your heart out. Clinque to the rescue, an avid user since I was around 18 / 19, Clinque wins the day everyday. I recently switched to a lighter shade (Number 02) in the super balanced liquid range and I love it. It ticks my boxes people and it provides me with the perfect, natural look. 

To complement the foundation, I use a number of products. A new addition to my routine, I have been using the Maybelline 'Instant Anti-Age Eraser' Eye. Easy to use, this product is a little darker than my foundation. Not ideal, so I'm careful about the amount I use and ensure it's well blended. To cover up any blemishes I have been using the Seventeen 'Stay Time' concealer stick. You know I'm in love with the Collection concealer, but I just can't find it in the shops. It's always sold out. I'm hopeful it will be widely available when I return to Ireland next month.

To set everything, I turn to my trusted Rimmel stay matte powder in the shade 002 Pink Blossom and swoop it over my face with a large brush. I've lost track how many years I've been using this, 10, maybe more. It's a make up bag staple and I wouldn't be without it. I sometimes find that powder based products result in my skin feeling tight, but not this bad boy. It works a treat for me.

For some colour, I use a highlighter first followed by blush. Lately I have been enjoying the Revlon Rose Glow highlighting palette. It has a nice sheen and makes my cheeks appear fuller. I compliment this with my favourite blusher of late, the Benefit Coralista. Expensive at €34, I consider it an investment blush! Peachy and bright, it suits my skin tone and combined, I like how those products give me a healthy glow.

Cheeks done, I then tend to my brows. I've only become a convert to doing this in the last year. When I bought my Benefit blusher, the sales assistant at the counter convinced me to buy their Brows-zings item. She caught me at a weak spending moment, (nifty sales assistant!) but I do have to say, even though at a cost of €34, I freaking love this product. I'm not quite the eye brow genius when it comes to giving them shape, but this product certainly makes them look alot better. Its compact and contains some mini tweezers and a mini blending and hard angle brush.

I then switch my focus to my eyes. In my early twenties, I was obsessed with eye makeup, particularity the smokey eye look. I had that look down to a T. I've changed gears a little since then opting more for a strong lip then a strong eye and so most days you can see me reaching for my coveted and much loved Naked Decay 2 palette and using the subtle shade, tease. I would love to say that I compliment this look further by using some  liquid eye liner and creating a winged eye look, but those skills are beyond me. I have two different shaped eyes (no really, I do!) and  I just cannot pull off that look. I wish I could, as I adore it on other people, like Claire-Ann!

I top my eyes off with some black mascara and my go to mascara for the last year has been another Benefit product, the 'They're Real Mascara' in black. If it was a special event or if I was feeling glam I'd also add some eye liner, but as this is an everyday 'on my way to workies' look, I'll stay away on this occasion. For a final touch, I choose a bright lippy. I'm starting to gather a little collection of lipsticks and believe or not I have lipstick regret. I only started wearing it in the last 4 / 5 years believing I did not have the confidence to pull it off before. Madness. It's only make up at the end of the day, if you don't like it, remove it.

My choice today is a MAC favourite given to me by a lovely friend who used to work for them in New York. (Cool job, eh?) I thought I had lost this lipstick but recently discovered it buried in one my many handbags. I squealed when I found it. The boyfriend thought I had gone mad. A bright orangey red, it is the colour 'Satin'. I adore this lippy, its my go to 'cheer me up' product.

So, here you have it - one of my daily looks which assists in me leaving my apartment looking somewhat  put together. Now if I could only apply the same dedication to my wardrobe of mismatched clothing I would be doing well.

Tell me, what are your go to makeup items?


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