07 August, 2011

Today I heart...

If you've not heard of Pinterest and like me you love all things beautiful and inspiring then get ready, you're in for a real treat! This website never fails to amaze me and the hours I spend drooling over all things pretty leave me mountains of inspiration for many a card, event, meal or even outfit! The idea is that you create boards and members from all over the world can follow your boards and vice versa. Popular boards include wedding boards, where people literally pin wedding ideas / images to their wedding boards. Such a great idea! I suppose its a modern day type of scrapbooking!

Check it out...NOW!

Here are a few of  my favourites today...

Quite possibly the coolest camping home!

I've already spotted these penquin classics in my home town! I'll be honest and say I've no intention of reading them, I just think they'll look pretty on a coffee table.

I want, I want, I want!

Wow - A unicorn bicycle!

Perfect for work!

On a practical level, I adore this and I will hunt one down!


I would love to visit here...Cinque Terre - Italy

Breath-taking! I would adore this print for my bedroom. So calming!

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  1. Everyone is blogging about pin interest, is is slightly like polyvore but can include everything not only clothes, must check it out :) Hope your having a nice weekend

    All things nice...


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