31 January, 2010

Love is in the air!!!

Valentines Day is fast approaching and while many of you (I'm guessing the men out there) probably hate the thought of trying to think of something romantic to keep the misses happy, I'm happy to say that i quite like the occasion! Actually I'm a hopeless romantic and usually go to all ends to make the evening special for my other half!!.....so with that in mind, LuckyRainbowDesigns has come to save the day and take the agony out of walking around packed shops looking for that extra special card that says 'I Love You!'. If you are interested in purchasing (and I hope you are :)), please contact me via my blog, facebook page or via luckyrainbowdesigns@gmail.com - it would be great if all orders are in by February 11th to allow sufficent time for posting so that your special person won't be dissapointed!

P.S - I've been awful at posting lately!! I'm back on track now, I promise! :)x

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