31 January, 2010

More Followers Please! :)

A big hello to my lovely 10 followers!! I love you all, however I'd love to have more, more, more of you all!! :)

Is there a lovely blogger out there who has any tips about how to increase your followers or perhaps how to get your name out there in the big, fun world of t'internet! :)


  1. Rebecca,

    You won't find it until your followers increase. Each week more and more people will follow you. If you comment on blog posts your interested in, people will see your comment and may be interested in visiting your blog. Also I find that the more you update your blog the more followers you will get. It can be difficult to get time though.

    All things nice...

  2. All nice things is right. It's taken me a long time to get the amount of followers that I have. Regular posting, and commenting are two huge things. I also did a few giveaways and advertised on etsy giveaways.blogspot.com. I'm sure there are other similar sites from non etsy blogs. A warning with this though, a lot of those people are only in it for the freebies. So you must stipulate that they become a follower to enter.
    Good Luck!

  3. Thanks for the advice ladies!!! - I'll have to dedicate a few days to looking through some lovely blogs!! :)x

  4. thsnks for joining me i hope to hear from you again. i think the only way to get lots of followers is to do lots of blog hopping .... and that takes time, but you do get to see some lovely crafty stuff... and some very weird too. take card that you dont spend so long looking that you stop crating. i'm going to look at your previous posts now
    see ya

  5. god i'm a terrible typist

  6. Thanks for coming on board Janet!! I totally agree, blog-hopping (new word of the day!) can take time, but also it does allow you the opportunity too see what's out there and if anything else, other peoples work can be a source of great inspiration! :)X


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