02 January, 2010


So as some of you know, I packed my bags and jumped on the volunteer bandwagon and embarked on a three week adventure to Nepal! My misson, to volunteer for Christmas in a child protection home in Katmandu. I've uploaded a few of my favourite pics of what really is a wild and beautiful place - I have to say I'd love to go back but only with someone or as part of a group. The poverty levels really are shocking and it really gave me an insight into how lucky we are in Ireland, we may not think or feel it at times, especially as many of us out there have lots jobs or have had to experience a finanical cut some way or other...but the important thing is to treasure what we have and know that material things and expensive items really are not that important.

In the child protection home, I counted about 5 toys...really simple old toys, like a worn football and an old rusty slide, yet the children were the happiest I'd ever seen or met. They had nothing, their parents were in prison, they had no family....but they were so happy! It broke my heart and enraged me a little to hear about my boyfriends nephew getting a wide screen TV for Christmas....he's only five!.....that some food for thought!

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  1. Just after seeing your new posts, Oh that was a really good thing to do, good on you for volunteering. That really puts things in perspective and no matter how bad things get here in Ireland there is always someone much worse off somewhere else. With the celtic tiger and the boom, money and material things replaced alot of respect, love and happiness. Thanks for sharing with us.

    All things nice...


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