18 March, 2010

St Patricks Day - how was it for you?

I would love nothing more than to say that my St.Patricks Day was spent drowning the shamrock, singing a few tunes and catching up with friends like in previous years but unfortunaley that was not to be the case.....some of you may know that I look after a student village here in Limerick and my day was spent watching them.....like...a....hawk!! The drinking went too far and chaos soon followed! I won't spare you all the unsightly details but lets just say I've had better days!

On a more positive note, I am running off to Dublin tomorrow to get some supplies for the newer side of my business...invitations! As the gospel according to LuckyRainbowDesigns starts to spread people are asking me for wedding invitation samples etc and I've none!! I bought some supplies in Limerick but was really unhappy with the paper quality etc - so after some research I found Papertree in Dublin and I really feel that I need to look and feel the product rather than buy online straight away! I'm staying with friends tomorrow night and I'm sooooo looking forward to some girly chat and putting my feet up with a glass of nice vino!! mmmmm!

My friend with whom I'm staying with is also getting started on making my website....oh the excitment!! I cannot wait for you all to see it!! Claire really is a talented person on all things digital media! I'll post the links up as soon as its live! :)

Have a great Friday everyone! :)x


  1. Did you get sorted with your paper/supplies. Great news about wedding invitations! Well done.

  2. Yup - got totally sorted!!!! now to start making them!!! :)


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