22 March, 2010

The Crafty Market - Dublin

It appears it's my lucky week! Some new and exciting orders have flown in and today I got an email from The Crafty Market organisers saying I have a spot at the April 4th market. It's taking place on Easter Sunday in Dublin and quite possibly may not be as busy as in previous months but I think it's important to get out there, meet people and get a feel for selling and most importantly see what other great things people are creating and selling. I've included one of the photos from their website - hope they don't mind!

My mother from Dundalk has offered her services for the day and she's pretty good at selling and warming to people so I'll have to get her a cuppa tay and a bun for her help. Mostly likely she'll tell me I can pay her back when I make my first million!!

Hope to see you and other etsy sellers there!! Will be great to be faces to the names! If you fancy going, just hop on to the crafty market website for info and opening times.

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