13 March, 2010


......I have been an awful blogger of late, the reason? I'm just so busy these days! I took upon myself to take up lots of evening classes and courses this year to the point where my evenings are not spent lazing in front of the TV but in a dash from one place to the next creating cards for many a customer in between!!! eekkkk, I need a holiday! (I wish!)

However, this weekend, my focus is on updating everything and everyone!I plan on creating lots of new stock for my etsy shop, I'm quite excitied about it all! and even though its the day before Mothers Day here in Ireland, I am still getting requests from last minute son's and daughters! I on the other hand, was a very good daughter and sent mine off to my mum on Thursday! :)

Stay tuned as batman would say for some serious updates! :)

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