13 February, 2010

My Favourite Limerick Shop

Sequoia Lane, O'Connell Street, Limerick - if you havn't been there and you live in Limerick, then where have you been? This shop fits my personality more than I can explain. Their items are beautiful and have a classic vintage feel. I especially love their gifts department just as you walk into the shop. Its so clear that the owners have style and taste that you can even begin to measure in words!

My mini dream would be to sell some of my cards there as the kind of customers who walk through their doors are the type who appreciate crafts, handmade items made with love and care and those with an eye for fashion and interiors. However in saying that, I do think there is something to suit everyone inside!

Today I purchased a mini chalk board for my studio, some lush ribbon which I'm only dying to use and some blank A5 individual alphabet letters which I've actually searching for. (More about what I'm doing with them later!)

So in short....get yourself down to Sequoia Lane, I've included a link for their website but really it doesn't do this quaint shop any justice! You have to see for yourself! :)

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