09 January, 2011

Introducing...Crafty Sundays!

Crafty Sundays is a new video section of my blog which will be published every Sunday. Each week I will share with you how to make a handmade card and also show you where to get the materials so that if you wish, you too can make the very same card or a least a variation of it.

My hope is that those out there will pick up some interesting, fun and creative tips, learn a little something and maybe share their creative process too. Everyone has unique ways of crafting, so why not share a little?

My video editing skills are rusty since my college days, however bear with me....they're set to improve and I hope to purchase a nice digital video camera should this take off in the way that I hope. So, put the kettle on, sit down, relax, enjoy and learn how to make your very own Valentines card! (Apologies in advance that the video is not embedded into this blog post....for some tech-ie reason it cannot locate it for me!)

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