31 January, 2011

Off the LuckyRainbow Radar!

As the title says, I've been off the luckyrainbow radar for about a week now....for lots of reasons. Unfortunately I had a family funeral to attend in my home town (4 hours away from Limerick) and between travel, the funeral, meeting cousins I'd never met and travelling back I was away for four days. While it was sad to be saying bye to a relative it was nice to leave Limerick for a few days and just forget about work for a little while!

Sometimes in Ireland, when someone dies the family will hold a wake and bring the relative who has passed away home so that friends and those who knew the person can call to their house, pay their respects and say their goodbyes. My family chose this option and while it can be a very sad event for some, I see it as a very positive thing to do. Stories which you might not ever hear or see the light of day are told by those who knew the person best, and this is exactly what happened over those few days. I enjoyed hearing those stories and meeting people who worked or socialised with my uncle......I began to see him in a new light, and saw a different side to the simple life he led.

Aunties from my mothers side brought photos to the house from when my grandparents got married and I even got to see a photo of my great grandmother! I found it fascinating, interesting and sad all at the same time.

This evening sees me tidying the studio and finally getting some shelving up.....I bought them months ago! A clean studio usually results in new work! Here goes!

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