22 May, 2011

Birthday Celebrations

An easily pleased me with a yummy cupcake & can of coke (present curtorsy of my colleague Tom)

This week I celebrated the final year of my 20's.......gulp! Right now I feel old and that I haven't achieved all that I thought or hoped would achieve before I turned the big three Oooooo! However when I think about what I wanted to achieve before the big three Oooo, I sometimes find it difficult to remember what exactly those things were.

So in an effort to feel some sense of achievement by this time next year, I've set myself the.....wait for it....."30 things to achieve before I turn 30" challenge! Queue rounds of applause! So far, I've come up with the following.

Learn to Drive (I can hear the boyf and work colleagues laughing!)
Run 5k (without stopping...serious training needed)
Learn to surf
Try Oysters
Make Macaroons
Be well on the way to completing my Masters
Actually read the books my Masters requires me to read!
Go to the Eurovision (Azerbaijan is calling me!)
Get a new / creative / arty farty job in the area I'm qualified in or least be well on my way to getting there!
Get my legs waxed! (Yes, I'm 29 and I've never tried it! I hate pain!)
Go camping! (It's been a while)
Finally get a ticket to Glastonbury! (If I get one I can knock that off my list and camping!)
Save (rather than splurge) for a cheap, fun, sun holiday with Robert
Go a week without watching TV (and not actually die!)
Go to the cinema on my own
Clear my debts. (or at least try to!)
Write some letters to some friends
Go to the doctor and get the check ups you should be getting rather than avoiding them!!
Have a go at writing a children's book (You know you want to!)
Stop cursing......naughty naughty!
Be a vegetarian for a week and see if you like it.(I'm toying with the idea)
Give up taxi's (I take too many and they take too much of my money!)
Join a club or society in UL (I'm thinking Outdoor Pursuits Club)
Host a radio show (random, I know, but I'd love to work in radio!!)
Give up bread for a month (impossible!!!!)
Attend a Spanish or French class.
Get that bike repaired and use it! (it's been sitting in the shed for a while now!)
Make smoothies!
Learn a sport....Tag Rubgy, 5-aside soccer anyone?
and finally......work harder at LuckyRainbowDesigns!

I have to say I found that somewhat therapeutic!


  1. Rebecca,

    Wow that really is a long list and you will be busy! I will also be 29 later this year! That's a nice idea to do '30 things before I'm 30'. I might try and make a list as well. Can I pick all things I would like to do/achieve rather than any I don't really wanna do? Or is that bold/ cheating? :)

    All things nice...

  2. It's YOUR list so you should create it any way you like my dear!!! :)

    Go give it a try, I'd love to see how your list turns out! :)x

  3. i shall watch with interest - best of luck!
    I may need to do something similiar next birthday - eek I'll be 32 - arrrrghgggghhhhh


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