05 May, 2011

Blogs you should be reading....

Simply because I think they're great!

I have to say, one of my favourite things to do is to read my favourite blogs. Some of them I love so much that I get a tad impatient when a new post hasn't been published yet, but then there are times when I havn't read them in days or weeks and then I have a multitude of blogs and amazing posts to catch up on....I love when that happens! I also have to realise that alot of the blogs are read are in the states or Austrailia so there is that little thing of a time difference when it comes to the publishing of new posts!

First up...

A Cup of Jo - Joanna Godard can do no wrong in my eyes. Her blog is beautiful and she has a wonderful eye and a lovely way of writing about her life. She is also very generous in sharing her personal life and has the cutest little baby boy. She has an amzing eye for detail and I'm very jealous of her life in New York city. I want to be her!

yes and yes - a blog which I recently discovered, it full of all things positive and over the weekend I sat down and read some of the older posts. They were incredibly interesting, full of knowledge and very relevant. This is one of my new favourite blogs!

Design Sponge - It just needs no explanation, from the blog design to the content, everything is gorgeous and inspiring. It's right up my street

Stitches, Fabric and Soul - I don't have an eye for fashion, I wear the same old clothes that suit my shape and body and I'm not that experimental with my clothing, so I really admire those who can and do write about fashion and who know their stuff! Stephen knows his stuff and he's only a young fella! I also adore his style of photography and admire his confidence for approaching people in the street.

Fat Mum Slim - a lovely austrailian named Chantelle, I've also only recenlty discovered her blog. Its the kind of blog you read when you want to relax, drink some tea and pop yourself on the coach for a Saturday afternoon.

Hither and Thither - A couple based in NYC who document their life and their love of travelling. They have written the most amazing travel diaries which are pretty useful if you intend on travelling anywhere! I also want their life in NYC

16 House - I love interiors and I imagine how my house will one day look. 16 House provides me with all sorts of imaginative, simple and elegant ideas. I drool over these images!

So there you have it!! A few of my very favourites....be sure to share yours!

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