30 May, 2011

Fun Weekend!

Following on from my previous post about achieivng 30 things before I reach...gulp...30!! I can now say that I can cross one of the list!!.....Surfing!! (In 11 degrees of Atlantic Ocean coldness! - Mind you with a not so flattering wet-suit on me, it didn't feel that cold!). I tell you one thing, surfing is hard work! I was bashed about and beaten by every wave that came near me and two days later my arms still ache...much to my boyfriends amusement.

I don't have any images to share (despite bringing my camera along!), but to be honest you don't want to see me attempting to surf anways....I was dire! Next time I'll invest in a much needed lesson!

I'll also invest in what the wee town of Lahinch needs...changing facilities! No one (not even the Japanese tourists who parked up next to us!) should have to get a glimpse of my pasty, milk white skin! Nor should anyone have to go through the humiliation of trying to gracefully remove a wetsuit under a towel while protecting one's dignity! I think I spent longer 'trying' to get changed outside the car then I did in the actual sea!

It also turns out we picked the wrong weekend to go away as this week a heatwave is a coming! Regular readers will know how I love when even the slightest bit of sunshine arrives into Ireland. It completley changes the mood of the country and the much spoken sentence of "It'd be a great country if we had the weather hey!", can be heard from Mullingar to Mayo, Lahinch to Laois and Cork to Cavan!

On a final note....Well done Munster! Magners League Champions. We had a bit of craic with some Leinster fans before, during and after the match!

Photo Credit; http://www.holidayhomelahinch.ie/


  1. Just discovered your site...really cute products! Good for you for surfing! :)

  2. That's brave attempting to surf with the weather we've had this week (I live in Galway) well done. :)


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