01 May, 2011

New Things I'd like to try.....

Every now and again I have a moan and a whine about life in general and this ususally results in me wanting to spruce life up a little bit.....if not for a little while!

Hot on my list is the following
- Learn Spanish
- Cook more and more often
- Write a childrens book (Apparently according to friends I have a very vivid imagination)
- Learn guitar
- Learn to read music for the guitar
- Run 5k, then 10k and one day......a marathon......one day!!
- Leave Ireland and live in a foregin country for a few years (This.will.happen)
- Own a glass greenhouse
- Own a vintage mini copper AND a vintage Nissian Figaro

- Find the perfect job.....does it exist?
- Lace making
- Make cupcakes!
- Go to a fancy restaurant....think Gordon Ramsey or Michelle Roux (I heart Masterchef!)

How about you? What do you fancy trying!

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