17 May, 2011

Pop Up Shop Success!

Over the weekend I helped out with a number of great and talented Etsy Ireland members run our very first pop up shop. The shop was run as part of CATDIG 2011, a great cultural event which brought together storytellers, artists and musicians to name but a few to create a wonderful three day event.

Myself doing my utmost to get the customers in!

After much hard work (put in by Ruth & Jess) the previous Friday, I arrived with all my goodies ready to sell on the Saturday and Sunday. I had such a good time chatting to everyone and trying to convince people to come into the shop that I stayed the two whole days.

I also ran a card making class in the local arts and crafts shop Silkes and encouraged people to create their own and adopt some of the techniques that I use. I really enjoyed it and makes me miss teaching even more!

The LuckyRainbow Selection

On Sunday, we were having a chat about how we could make this a more regular thing, we wondered if other empty spaces would have us....for free! Just as the conversation was in mid flow, in walked Marilyn, one of the organisers who commented how great the place looked and that we should chance our arm asking to extend our stay. When Niall (owner of the space) walked in a short time later, Ruth bravely stepped up and asked the question.....with no hesitation he said "Ah we won't be doing anything with it for a month, so you can have it for a month!"......All who were there nearly died from shock with his kind gesture!

How lucky are we? If you pop on over to the Etsy Ireland team blog, you'll find more information about volunteering your time and perhaps selling your items if space is available. Overall it was a brilliant and very productive weekend....and I even made lots of sales!


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