04 July, 2011

We're all going on a summer holiday!

Ok, Ok so it was only last week when I was telling you that I booked the other half and myself on a trip to Paris for New Years Eve 2011.....but I've gone and done it again....booked another trip that is! Are you like me in that you need 'things' to look forward to in order to make your life that bit more....ahem....exciting!?

Well I am one of those people....and this year I was certain we were going on a 'sun hollier!'....and so after scanning and scanning the internet for deal after deal and bargain after bargain...I found a week on the island of Zante in Greece for a very decent price! The best part...we're flying out in less than three weeks time! It's been nearly three years since we've been on holiday together, all of my recent trips have been solo adventures!

I'm keeping this trip very cheap! I plan on buying as little as possible and am currently in the process of digging out all my summer clothing, telling myself it will all fit me in three weeks time! (IT WILL, I swear!). I'm also going to use this trip to catch up on the oooo-ddles of college reading I need to do before September and to try and improve my photography skills (all while sitting by the pool of course!).

So, from July 22nd - July 31st - LuckyRainbowDesigns will be on holidays....gathering inspiration so that come August I can return full of energy and ready for all the craziness that the Christmas markets bring!

What are your plans for holidays this year? Are any of you having a stay-cation?

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