20 December, 2011

Check out the new buttons...--->

As you can see I've been ever so slowly making changes to the blog and learning lots of new interesting and techie information about blogger and the amazing, fun behind the scene changes you can do. I decided to give the blog an update because I felt the right side bar in particular was messy in appearance and needed a more professional touch to it. It's important to me that LuckyRainbow is presented well, even if in recent months it has taken a back seat while I complete my Masters in Art & Design. 

I'm still not 100% happy with the buttons, I'll most likely change the Facebook button as the text is hard to read, the image behind it needs to be darkened a little and of course, the big change required is the main header. I have, in my minds eye, the exact banner I'm hoping to create, but it involves products, experiments with layouts and some great photography skills, plus a dash of perfect lighting....stay tuned, I'm excited for it to be finished!


  1. Wow, your blog looks great! So professional looking :)

    All things nice...

  2. Thanks so much!! Still some work to do, but getting there! Happy Christmas! x


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