21 July, 2012

Camera Bag Wish List

Having recently returned from holidays (more on that later...there was some drama involved!) - I now, more than ever, desire a beautiful camera bag. One which not only fits my pretty Canon and its lenses, but also all those extra holiday snippets like sunglasses, money, lip balm and when I'm in town....oodles of sun cream! (You know what I'm saying pale ladies of the world!). I'll go out on a drama queen limb here and say "it's too much trouble carrying two bags in hot countries!!"

These pretties have caught my eye today!

via here

I want this red one soooo much! via here

Of course, it needs to look like this on the inside! I heart compartments! via here

Matching straps too (number 6) & adorable temporary tattoos (number 9)
via here

...and, when I have my camera bag, I'll look chic and cool, 'cas everyone knows
thats what shopping does for you! via here

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