04 July, 2012

Male Cards

There has been many a card maker extraordinaire who have found difficulty when trying to create, design and make unique (but still cute!) cards for the men of the world! Lets face it, we can't dive head first into our collections of butterflies, flowers and glitter much like we do for every other type of card...so how do we make cards for the men that are interesting to make and also, importantly to give?

For me, I tend to use patterns or colour as theme. Doing this you're already narrowing down the parameters in which you can work and gives you a little focus. I was recently asked to make some Fathers Day cards (Fathers Day is not just celebrated in June you know!) and decided that I'd really try and make them stand out and look as good as any other female card I'd normally create.

For these cards, I've used muted themes of reds and greens with strong patterns, so that from the start it stands out. A favourite embellishment I like to use with male cards are trusty buttons! Easy to source and easy to use, plus they're available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours! 

When making any type of card, I like to play around with the layout and treat each card as a mini canvas. 

Cut out your selected pieces of paper in different shapes and sizes and experiment with them, by moving them around the blank card, This allows you to work out different combinations and soon you'l stumble on something that you like and think works best!

The paper I have used here from the Tim Holtz collection. I'm not a huge fan of Tim Holtz paper but purchased these as I thought they would be suitable for male cards only, but you can easily see how strong patterns make a huge impact. To top off the card, I've used some foam letters (purchased online somewhere!) to spell out 'DAD' but you could play around and adapt it to say anything or perhaps use a stamp to stamp out 'Happy Birthday' or something similar!

How do you make male cards? Any tips to share?

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