08 July, 2012

Positive Quotes

Considering the last six weeks in Ireland have been a complete washout,
I think this quote is very, very apt! Summer, where are you?


  1. i know it's been awful! i love the new layout of the blog, who did your design hun? i need to do something with mine but haven't a clue how to go about it!!

  2. Hi Stephanie, I did it all by myself! :) The perks of having an Art degree. I can give you a hand if you want? :)

  3. Hello,

    I noticed you followed my blog,
    and you also left me a comment so i thought id say hello back.
    Your blog is wonderful I love the quote above.
    I love the rain... Although you can have too much of one thing
    as we are finding out with all the rain recently


    Emma xx


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