12 September, 2012

There's light....

In less than three weeks I 'll have not only my Masters completed but my Masters results....ohh scary and oh.so.grown.up! (or at least I think so) I have thourghly enjoyed the process of going back to Art college, working and learning with like minded and fascinating people and in particular, its been lovely to work a four day week! THAT I am going to miss, for sure! Most of all though, its been great to get stuck into something that I've been passionate about, to get creative once more, to talk about, live, eat, sleep and breathe all things art / creative related and as the quote above says "keep tremendously interested in it".
I will miss being a part time student, telling random people "oh ya, I'm in Art college!" and of course using student ID to get all those travel / clothes shop discounts, but on a more nervous front / level, I'm nervous to be back in the real world, especially the art world where I often (and I mean often) felt out of sync with what was going on and never really fitting in to what it was an artist was or even is meant to be. In fact, there is no real definition for this but the only way to find out is to get stuck in, make work, enjoy (and document) the process, test the waters and hey someone, somewhere might like it, write about it or even buy some of that stuff you call art....who knows! Perhaps the creative world is my oyster!
For now, I'm concentratin on getting my MA groove on and piecing every teeny tiny piece of research together for assessments as well as planning with the assistance of the class our group show! Wish me luck, the next three weeks are about to get hectic!


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