04 March, 2013

Who needs a penpal?

From a really young age I was literally obsessed with those who lived in other countries. I'd even go far as to say I was obsessed with those who lived in other towns in Ireland. (FYI, I had a pen pal from Monaghan and I'm from Louth...go look that up on a map of Ireland and you'll see why that's hilarious!) I just always, always wanted to meet new people, hear about their lives and exchange letters. I had an insane appetite for it and probably lived my teenage years believing the grass was always greener.

When Spanish students came to our town every summer to learn English, none of them left without giving me their address (because I plagued them...yup, I was that annoying!) and so the correspondence with them started. I still have all of those letters and as they were written during my teenage years, its hilarious to read through them and see how I documented my life to others. We wrote about boyfriends, the things which seemed sooooo uber important in our lives at that time and swore to death that we would visit each other and be BFF's before the term BFF's was even invented.

The fun thing is, I'm still in touch with one of those Spanish students via Facebook, but I miss the feeling of an old school letter with lovely handwriting and nice stationary and so the search begins for a new pen pal, but on a different and more adult level.

So, if you fancy an Irish penpal, look no further. I'm your gal! Drop me an email to luckyrainbowdesigns@gmail.com and hey, lets be friends!

Some great facts about my pen pal skills and reasons why we should be pen buddies;
  • As a stationary addict hoarder, I will write my letters on lovely paper, with nice pens and all placed in a cute envelope. I may even send you some of this lovely stationary. A girl has got to de-clutter right?
  • I will write back! I'm awesome at this! There is practically a post box and shop selling stamps outside my door, I have no excuses.
  • I might send some of my letters in lovely LuckyRainbow cards. Nice huh?
  • Finally, who doesn't want a lovely letter from Ireland. (It might even smell of the rain, Guinness and leprechauns*)
*Disclaimer; It won't, but you secretly wished it did.

No previous experience necessary, just an appetite to receive nice letters and the time to write one back.


  1. Hi! I am also looking for penpals, and I've just started an email swap on my blog for other people looking for penpals, to match some people up! Check out the post here if you are interested! http://carriebrighton.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/anyone-for-penpal.html
    Love your blog by the way, I'm a new follower :)


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