03 March, 2014


Breaking Bad on Netflix. I now understand why the whole world and its mother was addicted to this series. Netflix has been my channel of choice lately and most evenings you can find the boy and I in bed by 9.30pm with three episodes lined up to watch. Just started Season 4, so no spoilers folks!

More fitness magazines. One day I'll come across an article that will inspire to ditch my bad eating habits forever. That hasn't happened. However I do also know that I don't need an article to inspire me, I just need to stay committed myself. Willpower and determination never were my strong points. I'm also doing some 'Manchester Gym' research. My current gym is packed to capacity some days and waiting around for machines just 'ain't my thang!'

Not enough healthy food. Through most of January and early February I was the Paleo eating champion of the Paleo eating world. (Did you see my Instagram feed, huh??) I fell off the wagon about two weeks ago and I'm slowly jumping back on. Dam you Twix Xtra bars and your two for one deals!

About far away places and hoping the boy and I can get some funds together for a holiday this year. We're also planning some UK getaway trips. I'm itching to visit Brighton, Devon, Edinburgh and the Lake District - Easter perhaps?

Big, better, brighter blog posts. I've been enjoying engaging with the Manchester blogging scene and meeting some new faces. Such a lovely, talented bunch and reading their posts and the ways in which they engage with their readers totally inspires me to blog better! Watch for MegaMarch - where I attempt to blog every day! A blogging first for me!

Lush! Dear Lush, I love the fact that you are present in the new city that I moved to in September. I can run along to your store and happily purchase three bath bombs for around £10 and each one will be guaranteed to provide an hour of happiness on any day of my choosing. A bath bomb + hot bath = DA BOMB! (See what I did there!) Ah Lush, sure you're just great.

I've just signed up for my first Color Run - again in Manchester and taking place in July. I'll be a running rainbow folks, a rainbow!!! Time to start running again too. I also plan on running the BUPA Manchester 10K run in May, so erm...I better get my training socks on for that one.

A big, chunky, bright pink, huge woolly scarf that I got for the bargain price of £3 from Primark. Yay for mini deals and grabbing a bargain. I also purchased a fluorescent pink rain jacket in preparation of my running training.

About a career. Always thinking about a career. I can never escape those thoughts and the path I have taken or will continue to take. It's all a foggy mess!

Last Sunday I volunteered with a group of students who every weekend prepare a range of foods and pass them along to the homeless community in Manchester. An eye opener to say the least but also an enjoyable and humbling experience. An experience that makes you appreciate how lucky you really are and the roof over your head.

Brighter Manchester mornings and stunning blue skies. I literally feel more happy inside. The Spring flowers are starting to appear around the city and everything feels new to me. Long may it continue.


  1. Love your post! Life is a journey and you sound like you are enjoying the trip.

  2. Id love to eat paeleo but im not strict enough.

  3. Also love breaking bad - only on episode 7 though!

    I'm interested in Paleo - do you have any good websites for beginners?

    Follow me too? Oh So Gawjess


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