27 March, 2014

Is Blogging a Young Persons Game?

The lovely Abi and I at the recent Country Attire blogging event.

During the week I attended a lovely blogging event at the Hard Rock Cafe in Manchester city centre. I met some lovely bloggers that I had never come across before and got chatting to some whose blogs I was familiar with. It's always nice to meet the person behind the blog.

During my time at the event, I couldn't help but feel I was one of the more older participants present and perhaps didn't quite fit into the 'Manchester blogging demographic' mould. A demographic which increasingly feels like you should be under the age of 23, a student and a blogger who mostly blogs about fashion and beauty and has won numerous awards and accolades from the likes of Company magazine. After having lots of 'get to know you' chats with these great ladies, I found that many of them had only got their blog up and running in the last year or two and already they were receiving amazing feedback, huge interaction and readership, a flurry of sponsorship and invites to all sorts of fantastic events and blogger related activities. The green-eyed monster in me had been sparked and I was more than a little jealous.

Don't get me wrong, even though I have been blogging on and off for a number of years, I haven't exactly followed 'the rules' when it comes to building up a dedicated following. I've blogged on and off for months on end, moved from being a crafty blog to one with a wide variety of lifestyle topics, changed the name (just a little, mind) and dipped in and out of the blogging world with varying levels of commitment. This has probably confused readers, lost me some followers along the way and not at all helped in building up a brand of sorts.

However, given all of the above, I am wondering about whether blogging is becoming more of 'a young persons' game and whether the demographic of those reading blogs are in the 'Under 23' bracket? Is there an older demographic of sorts, out there wanting to read content that is more than beauty posts and outfits of the day? I'm not for one minute, bashing these type of posts. I do love and enjoy reading them. I vicariously live through some of these posts. Heaven knows I've bought numerous items because they were recommended by a beauty blogger (Benefit Erase Paste anyone?) and I've lost count of the amount of times I've skipped on down to Primark / Penneys simply because I've spotted a 'must have this item now' item in a haul post or vlog.

Personally, I do find it increasingly hard to find awesome 'must read' blogs created by those who are around the age of 28 and over and I find it difficult to find content and posts relating to my life experiences and topics that I instantly want to know about and can immediately relate to. At present, I want to read about developing a career, how to save ka-jillions of pounds in a short space of time, learn 50 things that you must do in your 30's and more! I want the same content written for those in their 20's tweaked, developed and produced for me.That goes for outfit posts too. I'm not sure I have the body / look to be pulling off dungarees and bowler hats, so perhaps outfit posts for those who feel Topshop is no longer for them maybe most welcome? I find myself increasingly drawn to Next of all places and standing out like a sore thumb when I enter River Island. I didn't always feel this way!

It also goes without saying, I'd love to find said content written by those who are within my age range and can relate to all of my woes above. Surely I'm not alone in feeling a little old in the world of bloggers? If so, maybe I'll go and set the 'over 30's trend'. An outfit of the day for those who are not quite 'over the hill' but also still young enough to get asked for ID now and again. I better go and started raiding the wardrobe and start practising my posing. You  know, those poses where it appears I'm unaware I'm being photographed as I casually look into the distance, looking all melancholy and the likes! It's gonna take a lot of practising.

I'd love to hear your thoughts below!


  1. Love this Becca! Sure even i feel old in the blogger world and I'm only 25! There's a certain new breed coming up in the blogging world and marketing teams are all over them! It does get a bit disheartening i know when they are getting all the offers but there is a niche out there for older bloggers too its just trying to find them. And if you can find it then start it! Make your own niche in this world :)

  2. Loved this post and the fact that you haven't been following 'the rules' with your blog over the years, it's refreshing to read something not constantly based on fashion and beauty so keep doing what you're doing! :) xx

  3. I've felt the same at times especially when I get links in blog chats to bloggers who are 13 (yes really) - being 28 this year, I don't know how well I can relate to that age group these days and it's harder to find us ladies with more years on the calender. I suppose that's why I tend to follow lifestyle blogs because they are in general, a little timeless. And as for blog rules, what are those?! I throw that rule book out year ago lol.

    I guess at 27 i'm an "old" blogger in the terms of the blogging demographics you see everywhere, hmmm. Although I do still get ID'd for drinking, but in the US everyone pretty much under 40 gets ID'd so ya know ...

  4. I'm with you all the way, so many beauty and fashion blogs have emerged in the past year or two, I'm afraid you won't find any beauty or fashion on my blog really- it is just all things nice.... I like a good mix, material things aren't always what I want to look at or read about- sometimes I prefer to read blogs on simple everyday things. Your blog has just the right mix. I am over 30 too and I just wish I knew how to make my blog look good! It looks my age! Help.... :)

    All things nice...

  5. Great post Rebecca. Yes I agree there seems to be many twenty something fashion and beauty blogs, and then parenting blogs at the other end of the spectrum, with a big gap in between like you or I would fit into! I think it’s because bloggers are ten a penny these days and it’s really hard to find the truly great blogs. Also, lots of young girls trying to get into fashion or PR are encouraged to start one so it’s just going to increase until the bubble will finally burst. Just blog about things you want to read about and I’m sure you will reach your blogging goals – a handful of genuine followers are much better than 100 fake ones. I read a whole selection of blogs – it started with wedding blogs, then interior design, and next I guess will be baby blogs! Don’t be afraid to evolve! As for meet ups, there is plenty of different types to suit everyone – hope to see you at Christine’s next vintage meet up?

    Follow me too? Oh So Gawjess

  6. I read and follow a variety of blogs, travel, parenting, fashion, lifestyle, cooking...I'm afraid I'm a dreaded fashion blogger but I have a fashion business and the blog originated to complement the business. I'm also 38! I started a facebook group for over 30's bloggers so I didn't feel so lonely! I think the older you get the more responsibilities you have (ie children) so the harder it is to dedicate time to blogging. Also lots of bloggers give up which is probably why by the time your my age there are fewer and fewer! Great post!

  7. I know what you mean. I basically just blog about my life, which coincidentally is beauty, lifestyle, cooking etc. I do feel i will be committed in years to come which is a good thing :)



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