01 March, 2014


Holy crap it's March. Lets make it Mega!! 

Two months ago I started my year full of plans and of course some have slipped, but only a little mind you! Only a little. I'm still eating better and working out more than ever but I  need to get the eating less / working out more balance just right so that more results can be seen in the form of smaller clothes. I'm getting there. Baby steps folks, baby steps.

One of many goals was to blog more and blog better. I think and hope I'm writing better content and I hope those reading all my posts are feeling that too. Perhaps it's radiating off the screen? Maybe you're discovering content more relevant to you and hopefully posts in which you can relate to and also learn from. 

With that in mind, I'm introducing to you MegaMarch - a month long Lucky Rainbow event full of blogging activity. A post a day for 31 days. Something I haven't tried before and a little challenge for me to tackle. I'll be sharing every post across the usual social media platforms using the tag #MegaMarch. Feel free to join in and share some of your #MegaMarch posts too. As usual you'll find me tweeting away on Twitter, sharing my posts and discovering the posts you have lined up for March.

So, lovely friends, I hope to see more of you swing by here in March and of course don't be afraid to share your posts also whether you're a new or old blogging friend. Now, time for me to get out of PJ's and transform myself into only of those organised humans.


  1. Fabulous idea, and I am glad you have stuck to most of your plans xx


  2. Fabulous idea! My goal for March is to blog every weekday of the month!

  3. Good luck with blogging everyday!


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