09 July, 2014

Buy All The Things! - Blogger Product Reviews and Associated Pressure.

I don't know about you but I'm not particularly flushed with cash. I mean, I have a full time job which mostly pays the bills and often there's a bit left over for nice things, but I'm by no means swimming in the green stuff. 

I wouldn't mind swimming in the green stuff, but my lottery numbers haven't come up.......yet. So until they do, I'm careful with those sterling pennies, thinking long and hard about what to buy and what I actually need.

Bearing all that in mind, I wonder about some bloggers. I wonder about those who publish review after review, often of expensive beauty items (I'm looking at you Nars!) and wonder how on earth they are affording it all. I understand many are sent samples and are on the hot list with PR companies. But, often I see not so famous bloggers, like myself, clearly purchasing a whole plethora of products from their own funds and many of them students too. (Is there some get rich quick scheme I don't know about folks?)

I feel like there is a pressure out there for bloggers to get their reviewing mits on the next best serum, the must have eye palette or the scrub you just can't live without. A pressure to get all of the above in order to be that blogger who stands out above the rest, who becomes that blogger who recommended that wrinkle removing magic potion that really works. To be  the 'go to blogger', the one clearly in the know.

But at what expense? For a few extra followers? For a couple of retweets? Or something bigger? Are there bloggers out there feeling short at the end of the month as they think their readers are expecting reviews of top products. Are you a blogger feeling the pinch, spending your hard earned moo-la on products rather than paying the bills? Or a you a blogger worrying that you don't review enough fancy products? I'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

On a personal note, I've completed the odd beauty product review but my own approach is to purchase and review items that I genuinely want to try, can afford and also.....need! I've an inkling there are blogger bathrooms and bedrooms heaving with products just for the sake of it, hence the popularity of blog sales and shops like Depop!

Do share your thoughts below.


  1. I don't really do a whole lot of reviews, and they are only ever of things that I really, really like. I have unfollowed so many blogs that are just review after review. It just gets boring. Some people just blog for the free stuff...

    1. Yea I've read posts titled 'Are bloggers blaggers?' - Honestly whenever I have been invited to anything I'm so grateful and delighted as I never had those amazing opportunities in Ireland. Blogging isn't really on company radars over there. When at events and given a free cocktail or goody bag, I'm always so shocked! I'm defo not in it for the free stuff thats for sure!

  2. I'm a bit of a product whore I'm not gonna lie particularly lately (after I'm back to work from my holiday I'm going on a Spending Ban!) but I try and get things I really need or want rather than something buzzing at the moment because usually you can tell when the majority of bloggers are sponsored (Benefit There Real Eyeliner I'm looking at you!) ! Also I am always super slow with uploading reviews so total waist of time for me to review a hot product as it would be months after everyone else! I like reading reviews but i much more enjoy reading a more realistic blog like yours where you talk about a mix of a lot of things and I know when there is a review in there it is genuine and not just for the sake of it.

    Great post Rebecca! :)

  3. I completely understand the pressure to buy products to review, especially when it feels like everyone and their mother has the latest launch and it seems like you'll be missing out if you don't write your own review too.

    Instead I've been trying to look at it that by not following the crowd I'll be able to stand out. By reviewing products I've bought and actually used AND that people can afford to buy I'm hoping to create a range of affordable reviews! Great post!

    Jaq @ www.lazydaysbeauty.com

  4. I definitely agree! its hard competing with bloggers that get sent tonnes of free stuff! x lifeofelliegrace.com

  5. To be honest most of the blogs I read/comment on are blogs that feature affordable products. I really enjoy those blogs because I feel they really represent a lot of 'normal' people. Absolutely some beauty bloggers are extremely lucky to receive items from time to time and you know when those bloggers are extremely grateful too which is lovely to see. I'm glad that I don't feel that pressure to be 'that' blogger you are talking about. But again like yourself, I feel the pinch money wise and I'm not gonna lie and say I don't buy products just for the blog, course I do. I like to see if I seek out different beauty items from time to time. But money is a nightmare. Last week I spent €110 on my skincare and I have to now hold back for a while as a result. It can be tough when you want to buy things from reviews or are dying to try the latest thing. But overall I try to be sensible. Like you I buy things I really am interested in or genuinely need (yes that €110 was a necessity ;-)) Also I feckin' hate clutter so I could never have a place full of make-up!

  6. I know what you mean! When I first started I kept wanting to buy new things to review, but then I kinda took a step back, realised I had a whole bunch of things anyway and took a more lifestyle approach to my blog. This means I can blog about pretty much anything, not just restricting myself to products! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  7. Ya, I totally get where you're coming from. Though I also think people can do what they like with their money and maybe make up is their only big vice you know? I used to spend an awful lot on magazines but not so much any more. I must say though, it does get really boring seeing a lot of the same new stuff reviewed, be it either sent to the blogger or they bought it because it's the big 'in thing' at the moment. Really bores me to tears!

    I also can't afford to buy a lot of new products at the moment. For example, I love the Maybelline Color Show special editions they bring out, I have shown quite a lot on my blog but not all the collections, even though I would love to as I love doing 'full set' swatches and stuff. But I just can't afford them at the moment. A lot of my new nail polishes have been found in pound shops!


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