21 July, 2014

Eating Clean - Healthy, Wholesome Breakfasts

Breakfast can be a chore for many. I know this to be true having woken many a morning in the past and skipped this important meal. However over the last number of years, I've slowly come around to the idea that breakfast really is the most important meal of the day and have made the daily effort to make something every morning.

Prior to my clean eating regime, Monday to Friday, breakfast would normally consist of tea and wholemeal toast. Dripping with butter and sometimes jam too, this quick fix covered me until 11am when another snack and cup of tea was needed to fuel me to lunchtime. Weekend breakfast saw me put in a tad more effort and often you might find me frying up a few eggs, perhaps even a sausage or two. I took great pride in my weekend breakfasts, viewing it as a treat to kick start my two days off.

Breakfast in the last six months has been shaken up quite a bit and the energy difference I've noticed, I've had to share with you. I've moved away from the greasy toast and tea pick me up and worked hard to consume more slow energy release foods. Foods which not only contribute to a longer feeling of fullness but contribute to my overall well-being also. Today, breakfast looks more like the following:

- A berry packed smoothie (recipe of which you can find here).
- Eggs fried in coconut oil, placed on a bed of spinach and a slice of butter free wholemeal toast.
- A thick bowl of porridge made with almond milk and topped with goji berries.
- Dry scrambled eggs with a side of bacon. (No milk is used when scrambling the eggs)
- A bowl of chopped fruit with a few drizzles of natural yoghurt.
- Two ingredient pancakes, topped with raw honey and strawberries. 


As I'm planning my meals more and more, each evening I find myself thinking "What will I eat tomorrow" and getting excited about what I'm going to cook and eat. I have found great satisfaction in preparing all of my meals from scratch and knowing what ingredients it took to make each meal. No added sugars, no preservatives, no ingredients that I cannot pronounce. Eating clean ensures that my meals are wholesome.

As mentioned before, eating clean has contributed to weight loss, brighter skin and stronger nails but it's also contributed to a more positive mood. A feeling of optimism combined with a more positive attitude fills my days which in turns gives me the energy to get up in the morning. Slowly but surely I'm moving from a grumpy morning person to a 'get up and seize the day' person. More of that please!


  1. Oh wow Rebecca! These all look amazing! Even more amazing as I skipped breakfast this morning and am waiting for the tea break! :/ I really love all your fitness and healthy eating posts lately! I'm going to get motivated this week! Its needed! Would love to see like an average weekly menu from you if youre stuck for a post idea :P

  2. These are such amazing ideas I need to bookmak this because half the time I skip breakfast as I can't find anything healthy enough to eat! xxx

  3. I love breakfast - it is seriously my favourite meal of the day :)


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