03 August, 2014

Montpellier's, Back Turner Street - Manchester Eats #4

Here's the thing about Manchester. You can eat out every weekend for a year and still not visit the same place twice such is the variety of spaces and places to choose from. Tucked away on the little side street of Back Turner Street, you will discover Montpellier's cafe and bar. It's easy to miss but once found, it's a quaint spot with a nice 'lets just stay here a while' vibe and atmosphere.

After a month of sunshine and high humidity, the rain fell hard in Manchester on Saturday and we took solace in Montpellier's. From the outside, it was the kind of spot I needed it to be  in that very moment. Not too packed, no large crowds and no blaring music, a mini resting oasis in a dense urban jungle. Inside, there are seating areas next to large windows and an extended space to the left, painted in a calming purple which on the occasion that we visited had been reserved. There is also a basement level but we didn't explore this area choosing instead to sit at a vacant table close to the bar. 

Not feeling particularly hungry they boy and I decided we would share a board of cheeses, meats and relish complete with some crusty bread. Some water on the side and we were prepped to refuel and just be while the rain battered the cobbled streets outside. For our board of choice we choose a mixture of chorizio, parma ham, brie, piccollo cheese, sun blushed tomatoes, artichoke hearts and spicy sausage. As mentioned it was served with not one but two types of relish, both of which were smokey and sweet but really complemented our cheese selection.

When our boards arrived, we noticed a small bowl of olives and realized that by accident, we had been served these instead of parma ham, however after walking the bustling city, we opted not to say anything. It wasn't a big deal except for the fact we both hate olives. I will admit, I was really looking forward to the parma ham I just hadn't the energy to call back the waitress to ask for it to be exchanged. My bad. The chorizio however was a particular hit. One of my favourite things to eat, the remaining oil / sauce it sat in was the perfect dip for our crusty, warm bread. Despite the fact we shared a board, the meal itself was quite filling and very enjoyable. As the boy had quite the large appetite we don't normally choose sharing boards or platters, but in this instance it was the perfect choice.

If anything above, the image above tells me I'm in desperate need of a haircut and that my recent weight loss (Due to eating clean 90 percent of the time) is leaving me flat chested! (oh dear!) Fed and watered with smiles on our faces, we saw the rain had finally subsided and we gathered our things and braved the outdoors not before snapping these pretty chalkboards facing the entrance.
 I think these maybe Pinterest worthy.

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