04 January, 2011

New Stats Tool on Blogger

Have you noticed the new Stats option when you log into blogger? I am loving it! I decided to have a play around with it and discovered where all my blog traffic is coming from and amazingly networked blogs, the tool that allows me to automatically publish any new posts I create to my facebook personal and LuckyRainbow fan page is the best tool for bringing traffic to my page!

I always associated my blog readership with the amount of followers I had, and really thought that not that many people were interested in my blog, but hey I continued none the less trying to think of interesting ways to direct and attract more followers. I'm really pleased with the stats I've found for my site and even discovered through the key words that people have actually been looking for me and looking for LuckyRainbowDesigns.....great news! Perhaps there is a brand being established after all!

Check it out guys! It may even surprise you too! :)


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