11 September, 2011

Experimenting with folding!

Yes I said folding! Rather than sticking to the usual type of open / close card you find here, there and everywhere I decided to start experimenting with different folds in the hope of finding new techniques to share with you all.

With Christmas approaching and like other crafty people out there, it's a good time to 'test the market' and see if something different will work / sell. Every year we struggle to buy the perfect gift for a friend or family member and often resort to popping twenty / thirty quid into a card or an envelope in the hope that they will (and I quote my mother here) "buy themselves something nice!". I have seen money wallet type cards sold in shops before and while I can say I've never bought them myself (only because I love the act of buying gifts) I have received them in the past...usually from an auntie twice removed!

I started out creating a birthday type money wallet / card......

Front cover...which can be adaptable of course!

€20 not included!! (and "borrowed" from the other half for display purposes! :) )

While it took a little bit of extra time to figure the folds out and a little bit of extra time than normal to make the actual card, I'm very pleased with the results and will try out a few more ideas to share with you. I also tested out some Christmas money wallets. What do you think of the results?

As always, comments welcome! x


  1. These are so cute Rebecca! A really lovely idea.

  2. I think these are fab, and they make the act of giving money seem more personalised, which is great!


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