12 September, 2011

Lets talk Mood Boards!

Mood boards are usually created to influence you, to generate new ideas and fuel your creative inspiration. I have a (not so dirty) habit of buying magazines....too many magazines in fact and while I completed a hobby interior design course a few years back I collected a rather large amount. Over the years I have narrowed down my magazine collection to a few firm favourites which I purchase each week or month. My absolute favourite is Red Magazine, simply because of how their magazine is laid out and the beautiful fashion, travel and interior design photography that grace each page. I cannot part with these magazines, the images are too pretty!

Because of their prettiness, I recently decided to put the older magazines to good use by cutting out my favourite images and creating an inspiring mood board for my studio. I love the results and think it adds that extra something to my studio and the colours / layout inspire me!

Here are some examples of other mood boards from around the blog-o-sphere and internet globe! Be inspired and make your own!

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