03 September, 2011

Today I heart...

.....technology and the wonderful invention that is the iPhone 4 (Yes I know the iPhone 5 is on the way and soon my phone won't be as cool!) and the even more wonderful App that is Instagram!

Be still my beating heart, I have been longing for the Instagram App since I discovered it via blogs. I searched for it in vain when I had my lovely little android only to discover it's only available on the iPhone! "Oh no!" I thought as I muddled my way through similar android equivalents! Never quite achieving the same interesting, beautiful shots those with Instagram captured!

Then....one day.....the nice lady from O2 (my phone company) called me...."Rebecca, would you like to upgrade to an iPhone 4...(and now the best bit...)... for free?? "Why yes, nice phone lady I would!" and so began the love affair that was Instagram and Rebecca. After 25 photos, I'm addicted.....every moment is a possible Instagram photo opportunity. Why don't you follow me here? We can become addicted together!

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