04 October, 2011

Weekend Plans

While it may only be Tuesday, I'm already drooling about weekend possibilities. A load of new stock arrived at my door this morning - It felt like an age since I've ordered anything online so I literally could not wait for the nice post lady to arrive. Weekend plans include first and foremost, updating my Etsy shop, its been.....probably two months since I updated and put some work into it, so it's crying for some attention...and while we're at it, sales too!

The next step of action is working on my blog interface, I follow lots of cool, hip and crafty blogs and have recently noticed modern and nice improvements so it got me thinking about my own. Sometimes when you look at something long enough you get bored with it and it's important to spice or jazz things up.....just so everyone stays interested. I'm a bit of a blogger novice so we'll see how that goes...bear with me as changes and experiments get underway!

And then there is C-C-Christmas! I saw my first selection box in the supermarket last night and nearly had a heart attack! I have oodles of Christmas stock purchased from my NYC trip last December (my heart aches for another trip!) and it's about time I got it out from under my desk and jumped straight back into all things red and green! I'll be sure to start listing these items once ready...and to get us in the spirit....Ho,Ho,Ho!!......Too early? yea I thought so!

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  1. I always start looking towards the next weekend by about Tuesday or Wednesday so I can make sure I make the most of my weekend lol. I often end up getting to Sunday evening and wishing that I'd done more or questioning where my weekend went!


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